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Address:1006 Room,Qili Mansion,80 Chaoyang Street, Yantai City.
Contact Person:Yu Bo

Yantai Jiarong Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. Its main activity is fresh fruits exportation. The company makes outputs of 7000 tons fresh fruits every year.

The following are what we are exporting at present: Red Fuji apples,Golden Fuji apples,Golden Marshal apples,New Red Star apples,Gala apples,Qinguan apples(Shanxi special),Su pears(Shanxi special),Huaniu apples(Gansu special) etc.

Our product are exported to Mexico,England,Germany,Holland,Spain and Singapore,Philippines,Malaysia,Thailand,Indonesia and the other Europe and Asia countries.

The company has two refrigeration & packing factories. One is Rushan Monco Refrigeration & Packing Co., Ltd in Shandong province;The other is Shanxi Wanrong Huarong Fruit Industry Co., Ltd in Shanxi province. Each factory has CA room of 2000 tons and large processing line which can wash、wax、classify apples. So we can supply you Fresh fruits of high quality all the year round.

Shanxi Wanrong Huarong Fruit Industry Co., Ltd is the only China fruit company which is permitted to export fresh fruits to Mauritius. And it is one of the few companies which are permitted to export fresh fruits to Mexico、Chile、Argentina and Peru.

In the meanwhile, the company is agent of two products:“MONCO”brand Interactive Electronic Whiteboard from Yantai Monco Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. and fireproof board from Yantai Monco Board Co.,Ltd. “MONCO”Interactive Electronic Whiteboard is the newest and high technology product of Yantai Monco Electronic, which is widely used in long-distance teaching、business meeting、product show, etc.“MONCO” “CANEBO” “MELATONE”are three brands of High-pressure Laminate Board. There are three series: flat plate, bent plate and Compact grade Laminate in more than 212 varieties. The product is widely used in room decoration, furniture and train carriage, etc.

Purpose of the company is: quality first and customer-oriented. We will satisfy our customers with high quality products.

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